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Director: Robert Rodriguez

Writers: James Cameron (screenplay by), Laeta Kalogridis (screenplay by)

» Stars: Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly

Language: Hindi- English

Size: 932MB  HD

Quality: 720 HDTS

Country: USA

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Story & Review Avatar -

The story of 'Avatar' James Cameron had thought years ago, but he could not present it on the screen for a long time because the technique was not advanced. He waited for years and when the technology gave him, he made the movie 'Avatar'.

The story of 'Avatar' is very simple and you can even guess what's going to happen next. But how will this happen and the film's visual effects make the film special? A world has been shown, whose idea is thrilled.
This story is of 2154. Some light years away from the Earth is a planet called Pandora. The intent of the people of the earth is not good. They want to collect some information from Pandora, make a colony there, and bring valuable property there, but on their way there are local residents hinders, which they call 'Blue Monkey'. By the way, he is called a novel and the person considers him lag behind.

Jack Sullie (Sam Worthington) is also a part of the  program. In this program, Jack has come in place of his twin brother because his brother has died. Combining the DNA of man and navy, such a body is made, which is called avatar. It can be controlled remotely by going into deep sleep.
Jack Sullie's avatar is trapped between residents of Pandora, but he makes friends with them to gather information. There he becomes also love and sees his world with his eyesight. But when he realizes the dangerous intentions of humans, he fights with them and rescues Pandora.

What James Cameron has imagined to say to this story is amazing! Miraculous tree plants, flying dragon dragons, dense forests, mountains, odd-poorer worms-birds and birds, dangerous wild dogs, Pandora's powerful blue residents are astonished. In 2154, the man can also see what kind of airplane and weapon there is in the film.
The climax of the film is tremendous when there is a fight between the two sides. It is filmed in a great way and action lovers are thrilled to see it. The story of the film is against the war and talks about peace. The message of winning the hearts of people through mutual trust and love has also been given through this film.

James Cameron is doubtless the hero of this movie. They have taken care of small things and have expanded each character properly. He has maintained a balance of visual effects, story and action, and has not allowed technology to dominate the film. Generally, in expensive movies, the director does not dare to cut his scenes, so the film has also been a bit longer.

Technically the film is fantastic. Photography, special / visual effects, costume design, editing is great. Using Light and Shades makes the film beautiful. This film uses the most sophisticated version of CGI (Computer Generated Image), which has improved the quality of the graphics in the film.
All actors, including Sam Worthington, Sigourney Wiver, Stephen Lang, Zoe Sullana, have done a fine job.

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